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Business Appraisals are also referred to as Business Valuations and are very helpful during the buying / selling process of a company. We strongly recommend them for owners considering exiting company ownership as well as for those considering acquiring a company

As a service to our clients, Dallas Business Brokers .com uses what many believe to be some of the most respected business valuation firms on both a local as well as national basis. We have established relationships and a history of doing business with these firms and have several optional plans for our clients who are considering obtaining a business appraisal.

Business Appraisals range in price from about $2,500 to over $20,000. However, they generally average $2,500 to around $4,500 depending on many factors.

Business Appraisals have the following benefits:

For Sellers:

  • Protect the Seller’s asset(s)
  • Maximize Sales Price
  • Establish credibility and/or justification for the price of the company
  • Reduces of eliminates time spent negotiating regarding the issue of value
  • Enhances “broker-friendliness” of the company

For Buyers:

  • Reduce or eliminate a sales price that is too high for a company

For Sellers and Buyers:

  • Reduce or eliminate adversarial elements of the issue of value between buyers and sellers
  • Establish credibility of value with lenders
  • Expedite qualification and financing process

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